Born This Way

Born This Way

by Mpho Taole

“…as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue”.

2 Peter 1:3

I remember years ago when Lady Gaga released the song Born This Way ⁠— a lot of people took a liking to it because it spoke to them in a way that other songs had not. As I began to analyse and observe why people actually liked it, I discovered that it was because most people were unwilling to change and grow beyond their comfort and this song allowed them to celebrate this.

Has it ever crossed your mind that you have not reached the ultimate best version of you? Do you even know what that looks like or desire to know? I have found that a lot of people have used the excuse of their background or genetics to justify why they are not where they desire to be. Granted, these may be valid, but at some point one ought to choose to reach beyond that which binds them. The Bible says that those that are in Christ Jesus are a new creation. I therefore believe that regardless of our presumed weaknesses we are able to always strive to be the best version of ourselves.

Imagine if a seed chose to remain a seed? We would not have flowers, food or shelter. Everything that the seed will need to grow into, what it is meant to become ⁠— is inside it. The only thing that will bring forth its fullness is its environment. By saying this, I want to make you aware that in 2 Peter 1:3 the Bible tells us the very same thing: God has given us EVERYTHING pertaining to life and godliness.

If God has given us all that we need for this life, then why is this life thing so hard? I believe the answer is in value. The reason gold, platinum and diamonds cost so much is the fact that the process that it took to attain them in their purest form is lengthy and hard. In the same manner, we also go through lengthy processes (fire and bending) in order that the best version of ourselves may come forth and because we know the process we have gone through we are able to value ourselves highly. God always knew our value. He allows the process so that we begin to see ourselves through His eyes.

So today I want you to remember that you are actually “Born This Way” ⁠— you just need to embrace the process of your purification. Do not be afraid to confront the things within yourself that hinder your growth. Growth begins with you confronting you.


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