No, Tarzan — Selah

No, Tarzan — Selah

by Shingai Ndinga

A few weeks ago, we as Shapers Church went over to one of our church member’s home and did some light community work by painting some parts of the place. I was about to start rolling the paint-filled brush onto the wall when my good friend Ayanda informed me that I needed to scrap the old paint first — otherwise it would create some bubbles on the wall.

What Ayanda told me is still ringing in my ears. In the dating world, there’s a term called ‘rebound’ — that has been around for a while. I’m sure we all know what it means, but for clarity sake, it is when one immediately jumps into a new relationship or as the latest lingo goes ‘situationship’ — soon after their previous one is done without even having time to heal, process, scrap off the “old paint” and reflect on their previous relationship. My friend used to call it the Tarzan relations, when one jumps from one swing to another without a break.

Oftentimes, we need to time to pause, think, reflect before moving into a new season of our lives. This applies to relationships, career, education, strategy, and more.

Jesus said it well in Mark 2:22 ⁠— “And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins.” (NIV). The Message Bible puts it so aptly: “No one cuts up a fine silk scarf to patch old work clothes; you want fabrics that match. And you don’t put your wine in cracked bottles”.

In other words, take a breather, pause after the end of the day, after the end of a season, after the end of a shift. In the book of Psalms, when an author would write something profound, the word ‘Selah’ would often follow. It asks of us to pause and think about what we have just read, before jumping onto the next stage.

As our Awe and Wonder conference is rapidly approaching on 4-6 September, we have been taking time to pause, reflect before embarking into the new “wineskin” of our Shapers conference. Likewise, concerning our individual lives, before applying new paint onto any area of our lives, I encourage us to take time to scrap off the old paint and basically…Selah.


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