Walking Free

Walking Free

by Pastor Israel Phiri

Salvation is spiritual. When we get saved we get thrust into a war between the flesh and the spirit. We all come to Jesus with issues which only He can solve.

Many times the baggage of who we used to be and what we used to do is not easily broken. We have weaknesses and tendencies that contradict with our new life in Christ. The flesh is extremely stubborn. It is possible, in fact normal, to be saved but struggling with sin. The mistake is thinking salvation is a silver bullet that kills sin instantly.

The key to walking free is worship. When we fall short and sin, Satan works hard to make us feel like we cannot enter the presence of God until we are clean. He makes us hide from God instead of run to God. In this season learn to still pursue God even if you keep falling. We don’t break free of sin through bidding from God. We break free through engaging with Him until we want Him more than we want to gratitude our flesh.

Worship God and walk free.


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