Fasting: Craving Hunger

Fasting: Craving Hunger

by Hlumelo Petros

In my series of“Six Things I Learned While Fasting, I’d like to share my personal insight and understanding of the practice of fasting. I now believe that it is more than just an “outcome-based” practice but rather a process in which you allow God to feed you spiritual fruits which in turn aid in enhancing your personal relationship with God.

The most interesting thing I learned while fasting was about hunger, or rather a lack of thereof.

One of the tools I use to help me get through a fast is staying busy because I know that when I am working, I am not thinking about food and I can use work or my hobbies to distract myself. This in turn helps me focus better and achieve more. I can also focus on my time with God by praying, I’ll admit, in that time with God, most of my prayers start with “Lord, you are my strength and I need that strength right now because I’m starving and it’s the month end, the enemy  is urging me to use my salary on food I can now easily afford.” But the more I focus in prayer and on God, the more spiritual food I can receive from God.

Receiving the “food” made me realise just how I had lost my hunger. My hunger for God, my hunger for success, focus and my hunger for life. I had reached a place of extreme comfort in my life. We do that sometimes, we get so comfortable with our goals, focus and relationships that we become a little bit too familiar with life. When you’re full, you usually don’t want any more food, you can’t take anymore food, when you’re hungry you yearn to satisfy your hunger by seeking (buying, making hunting) food.

If we hunger for God, the only thing that could satisfy our hunger is to seek Him, constantly. Self-righteousness can make us so full of ourselves that we leave no room for God and we start to become familiar with God. That goes for life, work and relationships too, if we are not striving to become better in those areas then we build ceiling to our success. We believe that we know everything that there is to know about anything, including the nature of God.

Basically, I didn’t realise I was full, until I started fasting.


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