You Are Valuable

You Are Valuable

by Pastor Israel Phiri

The greatest scripture in the Bible for me has to be Genesis 1:26 where God said ⁠— let us make man in our own image. Being created in the image of God makes you extravagantly valuable!

God created everything else with His words but when it came to us, He took special care and made us with His hands and breathed His breath in us. Every time we breathe we must remember our value because God Himself breathed life into us.

One of the major things you must meditate on daily is personal value. Life is full of people who want to tear you down and make you feel inferior. You have to always know your value ⁠— you are created in His image.

Always take time to make prophetic decorations of who you are in Christ. That way you will be able to stave off thoughts of inferiority. You are not inferior you are valuable!


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