Raise The Temperature

Raise The Temperature

by Pastor Israel Phiri

An atmosphere is the prevailing tone or mood of a place. The atmosphere of a place determines the level of productivity and creativity of that place.

A place with a cold atmosphere makes people rigid and uneasy to express their gifts and talents. A place with a warm atmosphere is the perfect environment for gifts, talents and ideas to flourish.

The purpose of church is to create an atmosphere where people created in the image of God express their gifts and release their full potential. As churches, it is important that we keep the temperature in the house of God, on high and not low.

Every human being carries an atmosphere. When a cold person enters a room they can turn a warm atmosphere into a cold atmosphere. You have to be intentional about the atmosphere you carry. Make up your mind to raise the temperature when you enter a room.

As a leader, you have to train your team to be intentional about raising the temperature in the room. They must taught to be intentional about being warm, energetic, approachable, joyful, given to giving hugs and smiles. Low temperature environments limit gifts and kill dreams. Raise the temperature wherever you go.


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  1. Lebohang Mabula : June 11, 2019 at 6:23 pm

    This is beautiful.. We have to be careful what atmosphere we bring into a room. It’s our duty as God’s children to be aware of the temptation we bring in every environment.

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