You vs You

You vs You

by Hlumi Petros

Recently, I’ve been struggling with myself a lot. I’ve been a Christian for many years, but it feels like I’ve only just recently started understanding Christianity and the true nature of God.

When Jesus died on the cross for us, it was not only for our sins and our past but for our future as well. The Jesus on the cross had died carrying all our sins, to rise from the dead three days later having taken back the keys of Life from Satan. He rose and was made new, His disciples could barely recognize Him, He had changed. Then Jesus went to Heaven, He left us with the Holy Spirit to be our helper and guide and to carry out the new message and the good news of who God is.

I say all this to say, sometimes growing into the new you is hard. Yes, the Holy Spirit is there but sometimes doubt steps in and you find yourself questioning whether God is really serious about you. It’s a lot of pressure as we may end up saying to ourselves: “He created the world in 6 days, I’ve fumbled in 6 minutes, could such a great God really be serious about me?!”, “I’m not a perfect Christian, I’m ashamed of my past and people don’t believe I’ve changed, could such a great God, the Father of Jesus, really be happy about me?” 

Acts 28 1-10, speaks about Paul’s journey in Malta. One night, he had started a fire, when a snake had fastened itself around his hand, this scared the Islanders of Malta, and they suspected that Paul was a murderer and that the snake would bite and kill him because of this. Instead, Paul shook off the snake and it landed in the fire and he was unharmed. He was different, no longer Saul that killed Christians but the Paul that was now an actual follower of Christ and His teachings. He had died of his old self and even his old name. He carried out the message of Christ and was able to heal people through the Holy Spirit. Paul, a former murderer and nonbeliever, knew that he was no longer bound to death because his old life had no grip over him. He was made new and the snake could not find any fault in him and was burnt in the fire.

We are made new in Christ. The enemy has no hold in our new lives and sometimes has us doubting our relationship with God but like Jesus, we are made new and God’s nature is NOT to go back on His word. Your sins and old self are in the past and He sees you for who you are. His child that He loves, adores and is very proud of.


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