Your Mat Is Your Problem

Your Mat Is Your Problem

by Mpho Taole

Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk.

John 5:8

The other day I was thinking of the story of the paralysed man in the book of John, and as I was pondering on it, God started talking to me about comfort zones. Most of us are living within our comfort zones and this is the very thing that is preventing us from walking in the destiny that we have been called to. I mean, think about this man: all he’s known all his life is that people carry him around from place to place if he wanted to go somewhere and he’s used to getting sympathy from people because of his situation. That’s all he’s known his entire life and that was his comfort.

Then one day his friends come and carry him, but this time it’s different — he’s about to get his healing and he will be forced to learn to do things that he’s never done before in his life. I bet every time he was confronted with a new challenge in this newly found freedom, he reminisced of his mat. At least then, he knew if he needed something there would be someone to do it for him and if he needed to go somewhere there would be someone to carry him.

He desired the healing, he wanted to walk but this new found liberty came with many challenges and everyday he had to choose to “Get up! Pick up his mat and walk.” Everyday. I truly believe that’s what God wants us to do especially in this season of Relentless Action. We must not desire to retreat to our mat because we are facing challenges but we must get up and walk. Whatever comfort zone you always retreat to, may you find the courage to walk away from it!

There are many who are waiting for you to walk so that they too may find their feet and forge their path. It may not feel like it at this moment but your freedom will in turn liberate others.

Get up. Walk!


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  1. This truly blessed me it gave me so much strength .

    Thank you so much to the writer am truly blessed!!!!

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