The Reliable Always Win

The Reliable Always Win

by Pastor Israel Phiri

One of the hallmarks of anyone or anything successful is reliability. I once had a friend who had a habit of buying second-hand cellphones. Unfortunately he wasn’t talented in vetting them for faults. Consistently he would buy a phone which would have problems. When you needed to contact him the phone was unavailable.

That small little habit of not investing in a reliable phone made him very unreliable. One day, he came to me crying. His business was not growing and he was stressed out and ready to commit suicide. After praying with him, I told him to make one small adjustment, invest in a reliable phone. It changed his business and changed his life.

A major key all successful people have is reliability. The best companies provide a reliable product or service. The worst companies are always unreliable. Make up your mind to be reliable and you will succeed.


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