Decisions Decide Destiny

Decisions Decide Destiny

Pastor Israel Phiri

One of the major responsibilities that God has given everyone of us is the power to make decisions. God is not in the brainwashing business. So when we come to Him for direction, He doesn’t hijack our minds and control our decisions. He gives us the power and freedom to decide what we want.

We are where we are today based on the decisions we made yesterday. Where we are going to be tomorrow, is impacted by the decisions we make today. This means our future is not fixed but dynamic and changeable. Everyday God gives us the power to change our futures by making decisions today to change it.

The quality of our lives today is a reflection of the quality of the decisions we have made. Decision-making is a skill. It can be developed, and improved. Our biggest prayer must then be “Lord increase the quality of my decision-making skills.

To increase the quality of your future, increase the quality of your decision-making today.


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