On God’s Time

On God’s Time

Moses thought that his own people would realise that God was using him to rescue them but they did not.”

Acts 7:25

If the above scripture was to be quoted to someone who doesn’t read the Bible but had heard Bible stories, they would think that it happened just before the Exodus, not realising it was more than 40 years prior. Here we see young Moses “trying” to save his people because “God is using him”. Granted, God did eventually use him to free the Hebrews, but, that was 40 years later — on God’s time. Many of us are similar to Moses in this aspect of trying to run ahead of God.

I remember being in high school and being excited about life: oh the things I’d do and the places I’d go. I remember having a timeline in my head about how I’d finish university at 20, finish my honours degree at 21, and go on to start my life. I had no clue that all these timelines that I’d created for myself would soon become my biggest frustration as I was faced with hardships I didn’t even know could exist. When you’ve lived your life under falsehood, and consequently, when the truth hits you, the shock that comes with it can paralyse you. This paralysis almost stopped me from moving how God wanted me to.

One has to come into terms with the truth that our plans are not like God’s plans and will never be. It has been one of my constant battles to remain still and not run ahead of God’s plans for me. To rest in Him and trust in His enduring goodness. I’ve learnt that every time that I went ahead and did my own thing it was all in vain and I ended up having to wait on Him. Pride, that’s what it was, doing my own thing as though I hold time in the palm of my hand. Now I’m learning that waiting is for preparation.

So while waiting on God’s timing let us prepare ourselves for the places He shall take us because every great season requires great preparation. The Word also tells us that there is a way that seems right to a man but leads to death. So, if you are in a season of waiting to do what you believe the Father has called you out to do, embrace every lesson and equip yourself with the correct tools. God’s timing is perfect because time is in His hands. What He blesses shall flourish, it shall not die or bring suffering. Wait…

Mpho Taole


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